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Roots of Rebirth Explore our new collection

Fresh Restock of our new rings from the ‘Roots of Rebirth collection’ #barborajewellery ...

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The forgotten memories bracelet #barborajewellery ...

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A breath of life hoops #barborajewellery ...

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The Rocky path ring #barborajewellery ...

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The ‘Hidden love’ and the ‘Rocky path’ rings ~ Rough reliefs, gold nuggets inspiration, hidden hints of shapes and forms are the substance of the new collection! Enjoy it! #barborajewellery #newcollection #rootsofrebirth ...

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‘Roots of Rebirth’ collection
“For we must go
where rivers flow
where all things meet someday
And I woke again
I saw, in ending, that a river has no end;
For here I saw a thousand suns
In surge and wave and every break reflected
I had come
At least into the ocean and I laughed.”

Roots of Rebirth collection ~ Inspired by the journey of rebirth and the awakening of the senses it brings!

#barbora #jewellery

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