Barbóra is a handcrafted jewellery collection, drawing on inspiration from the Greek heritage, the nature and their imperfections. Talismanic pieces, vibrant colors and semiprecious stones along with the goldplated silver texture create timeless wearable designs. Every piece is designed in Athens jewellery studio and handcrafted by the best local artisans by using traditional craftmanship techniques and quality materials.

“The gold and silver texture is my way of telling stories, linking the ancient and amorphous with a modern perspective. There is always a feeling behind everything I do; many of the things I create are stories about the myths and their wisdom. Believing in the timelessness of art I love the way jewellery is made to be passed on through generations and becomes a part of the woman and her story.”

Greek designer Barbara Safaka is based in Athens, Greece, and graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business. She always had a storng desire of doing art with a vision to create fine and delicate jewellery, wearable from different ages. It is fascinating to her that jewellery is something you keep with you for eternity, it is something borrowed, it is never really yours, and it is something to pass on to the next generation.