Inspiration comes through our souls! This is Barbora’s belief and so in her case she is inspired by Greece’s enornous cultural heritage and the Greek Mythology. She has always loved the idea of talismans and amulets from an early age, and this is reflected in her jewellery collections linking the ancient and amorphous with a modern perspective.

“Believing in the timelessness of art and aesthetics she creates modern heirlooms and like all heirlooms, every piece narrates a unique story, inspiring-symbolic for each other.
Her vision is to create fine and delicate jewellery, wearable from different ages while having a common goal to emerge each woman’s elegance and femininity!

Barbora’s World

Based in Athens, Greece, and graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business, the Greek designer Barbara Safaka comes with a strong desire for doing art and understanding aesthetics from an early age. She decides to express her creative point of view by giving birth to her first jewellery piece in 2016 while she has already began attending jewellery courses to start her own jewellery business. Every piece is handmade in her Athens jewellery studio supported by the best local artisans.