Sterling 925 silver and brass, as well as zircon stones and enamel, are the materials mostly used to create jewelry pieces.
All jewelry receive a thin layer of 24K yellow gold plating or silver plating.
As every plated piece of jewelry, it requires an extra treatment and attention by the weather in order to maintain as long as possible the plated color, and the shiny or mat surface our jewelry already brings.
  • Please keep in mind that the color of the jewelry plating fades depending on the friction, the use and the PH of the skin.
  • Everyday use and contact of jewellery with clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, dust, air, make-up, liquid, such as body creams, perfumes, water, moisture of the bathroom, chlorine, of the swimming pool, or any product that may contain chemical components, can change their look and reduce their plating durability and plating resistance.
  • It is best recommended to avoid or reduce the frequency of the above in order to maintain your jewelry at their best.
  • It is also advised to remove your jewelry when doing household tasks or exercising.
  • Please remember to gently clean your jewelry after each use and store them in air-tight packages that you received with your purchase and inside velvet cases or jewelry boxes in order to avoid or delay their oxidation by tarnishing and turning black.
All of the Barbora Jewellery can be repaired and received a refreshed plating when needed.
You can send us the piece of jewelry you want to be repaired (you bear the shipping costs), along with the receipt of the order and your contact details.
As soon as it is checked, we will inform you about the repair costs via email or phone.