Eros Bracelet Oval Chain



Size and Details:

24K goldplated silver 925 or Silver 925
Pendant size :  2,1 cm in diameter
Type of chain: Oval chain
Total Chain Length:  19cm



Once upon a time a fairytale began….

Eros and Psyche collection is based on Greek Mythology describing the love story between gods and immortals. Every piece of this collection narrates a different part of the myth unfolding therefore the storytelling. This collection reminds us the ordeals that soul must undergo to achieve true love and hapinness.

Eros was the god of love, son of Aphrodite and also one of the first beings of the world as represented by Hesiod, the ancient Greek poet. ‘Eros’ Bracelet is designed to symbolize the motivating and attracting power that unites and creates. Wear it as a reminder of our main purpose ‘to live by creating’!