Nyx Necklace


Once upon a time a fairytale began….

Eros and Psyche collection is based on Greek Mythology describing the love story between gods and immortals. Every piece of this collection narrates a different part of the myth unfolding therefore the storytelling. This collection reminds us the ordeals that soul must undergo to achieve true love and hapinness.

‘Nyx’ Necklace is designed to represent a crescent moon that embraces the bright stars of a night sky. In Greek mythology it is personified the deity of night – as means in Greek- and refered as a primitive and cosmogonic being that according to Theogony of Hesiod was born of Chaos.

Every night a mysterious visitor was coming to Psyche’s room making love to her. Although his identity should never be revealed forbidding her to try to see his face.


24K goldplated silver 925 or silver 925 necklace with ruby, purple and orange zircon stones.

It comes in two chain lenghts – 50cm or 55cm.

Packaged in a Barbóra velvet pouch