The ‘Divine Hug Ring’ with zircons


Once upon a time a fairytale began….

Eros and Psyche collection is based on Greek Mythology describing the love story between gods and immortals. Every piece of this collection narrates a different part of the myth unfolding therefore the storytelling. This collection reminds us the ordeals that soul must undergo to achieve true love and hapinness.

The ‘Divine Hug’ Ring symbolizes the approval of the Olympian gods, making Psyche immortal by giving her ambrosia and nectar. The rough and sculptural surface reminds us the shape of ambrosia-the food of gods. Although it has a dual symbolism as represents also the shape of snakes, which are used to be guardiants of the divine food according to Greek Mythology.


Ring in 24k goldplated silver 925 or silver 925

Adjustable open ring with zircon stones

Packaged in a Barbóra velvet pouch